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Ubuntu 11.10 avec KVM sur dedibox


La plupart des hebergeurs interdisent d’utiliser le mode bridge pour hoster des VMs sur un serveur. Les hebergeurs veulent limiter le nombre d’adresses mac sur leur reseaux car les tables macs des switchs sont limitees en taille (sur un catalyst 6500, 128,000 macs par example). Si les machines hebergees utilisent un mode bridge, le nombre de mac peut rapidement exploser… nb_mac = nb_machines * nb_vms… Pour se proteger, les hebergeurs utilisent port-security, et le switch automatiquement bloque le port si il detecte du traffic en provenance de plusieurs Mac.
Conclusion, il faut faire attention…


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Convert a week number to a date in perl


Today I had to hack a quick script to convert a week number to a date in perl. To my surprise, the answer was not straightforward and I had to test and try a little bit before to get something working.

So here it is:

use strict;
use Time::ParseDate;
use Time::Local;
sub convert_week_to_date
    my ($year, $week) = @_;
    my $ref = timelocal(0, 0, 0, 1, 0, $year);
    my ($s, $m, $h, $dom, $m, $y, $wd, $yd, $i) =
    my $time = parsedate("+".$week." weeks",
                         NOW => $ref);
    my ($s, $m, $h, $dom, $m, $y, $wd, $yd, $i) =
    $wd -= 1;
    my $time = parsedate("-".$wd." days",
                         NOW => $time);
    my ($s, $m, $h, $dom, $m, $y, $wd, $yd, $i) =
    return (sprintf("%04d/%02d/%02d",
            $y + 1900, $m + 1, $dom - $wd + 1));
print convert_week_to_date(2009, 1)."\\n";
print convert_week_to_date(2009, 52)."\\n";
print convert_week_to_date(2010, 1)."\\n";
print convert_week_to_date(2010, 22)."\\n";
print convert_week_to_date(2010, 23)."\\n";
print convert_week_to_date(2010, 24)."\\n";

Download this code: convert_week_to_date.pl

Hopefully it will help someone one day.

Trying timelapse


Sunday Morning in San Francisco from Samuel Pasquier on Vimeo.

“U TERU S . Birth of Souls” by Loveshadow

Video: Samuel Pasquier

2700 images taken from from 9h to 12h
42th floor of the mandarin oriental hotel

Closing the gap


I got to find about Eric Sink’s blog today… Better late than never 🙂

He is writing about a lot of interesting topics related to software engineering.

My favorite column from his blog:

New photoblog


I finally decided to start my own photoblog to show what I believe are my ‘best shots’. You can access it using the menu at the top of this page, or by clicking on the following URL.




Strawberry’s experimentation

It’s coming…


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